Meet Joanne Blais

Owner of B Creative 

Framing, Art Suppies & Gallery

Born in Sudbury in 1968, the love of art has dominated my life and I have been painting and drawing from a very young age.  Although I had an interest in math and contemplated Accounting as a career, I opted for Graphic Arts which was very thorough in covering Art History, Colour Theory, Painting, Design, Pottery and Drawing.  Following graduation, I worked for a few years as a graphic artist at Acme Printers (Sudbury) making layouts and plates for the printing presses.


I also earned a diploma for Interior Design and applied that knowledge and expertise while working for a local Interior Designer.  Afterhours, I painted faux-finishes for their clients.


Throughout Secondary School and College, I did freelance work involving painting signs for local businesses and private commissions. Graduation from Secondary School was breaking new ground where I learned the art of airbrushing on vehicles and motorcycles while working at an auto body shop.  My work experience also involved working for a sign company in their vinyl lettering department as the computer artist.


Work experience and the skills acquired en route have resulted in my incorporating airbrushing in my oversize canvas paintings.  I still airbrush on helmets and smaller items on a request basis.  My artistic style is photo-realism.  I had painted many still life settings but have been inspired by nature and paint landscapes in acrylics on canvas with airbrush and paint brush.


Part of my work experience involved working at Art Effects, a framing store in Sudbury which had a gallery and also handled art supplies for retail.  After working there for 7 years, I assumed ownership of the business and renamed it 'B Creative Framing.'  During my tenure as an employee and subsequently as the owner of B Creative Framing (total of 20 years), I have viewed over ten thousand images, prints, paintings, portraits, pastels, sketches, engravings etc.  I have worked with the customers to present the best colour scheme and style for their artwork.  This has honed my visual processing skills.  


My expertise lies in colour theory and layout balance.  I have the ability to duplicate any colour and the experience of working on various surfaces has enabled me to touch up many damaged prints, paintings and their frames.


B Creative Framing is the 'hub' from where I've been able to bring all my experiences together and have a career in the art world in Sudbury.  I have met many different artists with many different styles who have influenced me over the years.  I have learned a great deal from my clients and welcome many more years of art to come.



1988-1992  Graphic Design/Arts Diploma,   Cambrian College

1994   Interior Design Diploma,    Sheffield School of Interior Design



Graphic artist,  Acme Printers (Sudbury)

Sign Painting,  freelance assignments for local businesses

Private Commissions

Painting Faux-finishes for clients of local Interior Designer

Airbrushing,  applied to vehicles and motorcycles, local Auto Body Shop

Computer Artist for local sign company,  Vinyl Lettering Department

1993-2000 Picture/Print Framing,   Art Effects (Sudbury)

2000-present  Owner, B Creative Framing